When Grandma Teaches You to Lie

I’ve always wanted to write down some of the stories from my time spent with my Grandma.  She was a hoot!  And a very large influence on me.  Grandma made sure I was well grounded with a healthy respect for other people.  My friends and many of my clients have heard these stories.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  

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When Grandma Teaches You to Lie

by Jenny Prevatte

When Grandma Teaches You to Lie is a collection of colorful tales from Jenny Prevatte’s childhood in rural North Carolina, a time and place ruled by the cycles of farm life and the grace of God. A pivotal figure in Jenny’s life, Grandma was a conventional Southern woman in many ways but unconventional in all the best ways. She instilled in Jenny a mischievous sense of humor, fierce independence, and good common sense–lessons we can all use today.

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At the 2019 MarCom Awards for Creative Excellence Jenny’s book won a Platinum Award in the book category and Gold Award in the illustration category. And was also named a Top Notable Indie by Shelf Unbound magazine.

About the Author

Jenny Prevatte is the daughter of farmers and mechanics from “small town” North Carolina. Though she has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University, her career path took her into computers, graphic design, web design, and finally online marketing.

She started her own business on the side in 1991 while working for a regional food broker and then for a national trade association. She was primarily the “computer nerd” for the office. As time went on, she learned more about graphic design and then about web design as the Internet came into play. What she did for those companies as an employee, she also did through her side business for friends and clients.

All along, her time spent with Grandma, as an “independent little person,” was working its way to the surface. She eventually realized that she wasn’t a good employee. She didn’t play the game well. She needed the freedom to do her own thing and not be tied to someone else’s clock and agenda.

When her position was eliminated in 2005, she took her side business full time. That’s when Grandma’s lessons came to life. She could apply many of Grandma’s personal lessons to interactions with her friends, clients, and associates.

She has continued to build her business and loves telling people she comes from farmers and mechanics. It fits with her personality and the way she does business. Grandma made sure Jenny was well grounded with a healthy respect for other people.

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