About TwiliteCS



Our purpose at TwiliteCS is to help our clients attract more customers and more business.

We help them create and maintain the most productive online marketing tools possible.  Then use those tools to drive more customers to their businesses.

When our clients succeed, we succeed.


Meet Jenny

Jenny Prevatte is the owner of Twilite Creative Solutions (TwiliteCS) and has been in business since 1991.

She learned the value of designing printed materials for visual impact to lead the viewer to a desired message while working for a regional food broker. Those lessons in sales and marketing, blended well into the next few years as she moved to a national trade association. While there, she applied her talents to designing for visual enhancement of the information portrayed.

As the Internet exploded onto the public stage and became an essential piece of any company’s marketing plan, Jenny helped lead her company and many of the member companies into a future of viable Internet presences.

During all those years, Jenny maintained TwiliteCS as a side business performing these and other computer related services for other companies and friends. When her position was eliminated, she decided it was time to take her web and graphic design business to the next level.

Jenny continues to learn and enhance her skills, as well as develop valuable business partnerships with designers and service providers. She enjoys helping trade associations and small/medium businesses solve their Online Marketing puzzles; often becoming an integral part of their teams.

TwiliteCS’s services portfolio expanded with the explosion of Social Media and Online Marketing.  Jenny and her partners bundle their talents and resources to help clients get control of all their online marketing puzzle pieces: website, social media, videos, SEO, PPC, ads, directories, and any other pieces they have.  Having all the pieces of their online marketing puzzle looking and feeling like a cohesive solved puzzle instead of random pieces thrown together is key to successfully marketing their businesses.

Reach out to Jenny by phone or email. She may be the answer you’ve been looking for.  704.516.0404 or Jenny@TwiliteCS.com.

Jenny also loves to teach – actually she loves to talk!  Please let her know if you need a speaker on the topics in this website.

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